Luce Descent | Lagace Family Tree, Direct Lineage

Perrin Luce & Alice Guibault

married before 159

Martin Luce & wife

married before 1610

Jean Luce & wife

married before 1630

Edouard Luce &  wife

married before 1650

Edouard Luce & Izebel Piquot

married 1670

Edouard Luce & Marie Le Cras

married 1724

Jean Luce & Elizabeth Luce

married 1753

Jean Luce & Susanne LeGros

married 1776

Elie Luce & Elizabeth Sorsoleil

married 1814

Philippe Luce & Anne Ward

married 1863

George H. Luce & Clementine Desilva

married 1896

Adelard Lagace (Mignier) &  Eveline Melvina Luce

married 1924


Note: Names have been standardized

Index: Direct Lineages

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