Theriault Descent | Direct Lineage

Jehan Theriault & Perrine Rau

about 1636

Claude Theriault & Marie Gautreault

about 1661

German Theriault & Anne Richard

before 1686

Joseph Theriault & Marguerite Melanson

married about 1720

Joseph Theriault & Marie Joseph Girouard

married June 2nd, 1754

Victor Theriault & Julie Thibodeau

married November 16th, 1789

Gregoire Theriault & Elisabeth Boudreau

married November 23rd, 1827

Ubalde Theriault & Genevieve Theriault

married November 14th, 1850

Philippe Theriault & Tharsile Marguerite Plourde

married September 25th, 1877

Rosaire Theriault & Yvonne Leger

married December 6th, 1921

Edouard Alexandre Theriault & Golda Lagace 



Note: Surnames have been standardized.

Index: Direct Lineages

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