Index: Genealogical Summaries

Family Tree Genealogy 112 x 74Genealogical summaries include genealogy data and sometimes other brief notes for one or more generations. It makes for pretty dry reading but is a good way to organize the basic information. If all you want is a simple overview of all the generations for one surname, then click on Direct Lineages in the sidebar.

paternal Theriault / leger Family SUMMARIES


Theriault, Generation 1

Theriault, Generation 2

Theriault, Generation 3

Theriault, Generation 4

Theriault, Generation 5

Theriault, Generation 6


Leger, Generation 1

Leger, Generation 2

Maternal Lagace / luce Family SUMMARIES


Lagace, Generations 1 & 2

Lagace, Generation 3


Luce, Generations 1 – 6

Associated Lagace/LEGER/Luce/Theriault Family Summaries

Ward, Generations 1 – 5

Desilva, Generations 1 – 9


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