Theriault | Genealogical Summary: Generation 2

  • CLAUDE TERRIOT was born about 1637 in Port Royal, Acadia.
  • He married MARIE GAUTROT in Port Royal about 1661. Marie Gautrot was the daughter of Francois Gautrot and Edmee Lejeune. Marie was born about 1645 in Port Royal, Acadia and died there on the 29th of November in 1732.
  • At the time of the 1671 census, Claude and his wife Marie were living with their family of four young children aged nine and under. They were raising 13 head of cattle and one sheep and had six arpents of land under cultivation. By the 1678 census they had three more children, but a lot less cattle ! Eight years later their family has grown by only one child but they now had thirteen arpents under cultivation, as well as 8 head of cattle and 6 sheep.
  • By the time Claude was 55 and Marie 48, they had fifteen arpents of land cleared and had added hogs to their livestock. Marie now had a two year old toddler underfoot, in addition to seven other children still living with her. The 1698 census shows that they continued to enrich themselves. This hardworking family still counted cattle, sheep and hogs among its livestock and had cleared another three arpents of land, but they had also diversified by adding 50 fruit trees to their farm.
  • By 1707 Claude was in his seventies and Marie in her sixties. Their farm had shrunk to two arpents but they still have livestock (six each of cattle and sheep and twelve hogs). Claude died in the autumn of 1725, while his wife Marie lived on till the 29th of November in 1732. She was buried on November 30th in Port Royal, Acadia.
  • The couple had 14 children in all.

GERMAIN TERRIOT is our direct ancestor. He was born about 1662 in Port Royal and married our foremother ANNE RICHARD in 1686 at the settlement of Riviere-aux-Canards in Acadia. Anne Richard was the daughter of Michel Richard dit Sancoucy and Madeleine Blanchard of Port Royale. The couple had at least 13 children.

Marie Terriot was Claude and Marie’s first daughter. She was born about1665 and died by 1693. About 1684 she married Pierre Leblanc, son of Daniel Leblanc and Francoise Gaudet. Marie Terriot died in Port Royal in 1693, while Pierre died on November 3rd, 1717 also in Port Royal. They had one son Pierre.

Marguerite Terriot was born about 1667 in Port Royal and married Claude Landry about 1683. Claude was the son of Rene (l’aine) Landry and Perrine Bourg. I don’t know her date of birth. The couple had nine children.

Jean Terriot was born about 1670 and he married Jeanne Landry – who was six years younger – about 1691 in Port Royal. Jeanne was the daughter of Rene Landry and Marie Bernard. Jeanne died on May 21st in Grand Pre. Jean and Jeanne had ten children between the years 1692 and 1763.

Anne Terriot was born in 1673 in Port Royal and in 1668 she married Vincent Babin also of Port Royal. Vincent was born about 1665 and his parents were Antoine Babin and Marie Mercier . The couple had 12 children.

Jeanne Terriot lived from about 1645 to March 21st, 1751 in Port Royal. She married Bernard Gaudet in 1693 and the couple had seven children. Bernard Gaudet was the son of Pierre (l’aine) Gaudet and Anne Blanchard. Bernard died just a few days before Jeanne in March, 1751.

Claude Terriot II was born in 1678 in Port Royal and died in Riviere-aux-Canards in October of 1752. He married Agnes Aucoin of Beaubassin, Acadia in 1703. Agnes was born on October 20th 1682 to Martin Aucoin II and Marie Gaudet. She died in exile in Falmouth, U.K. in 1756. The couple had eleven children between the years 1706 and 1728.

Marie Terriot lived from about 1681 to 1753 in Port Royal. She married Antoine (dit Blondin) Belliveau about 1701. Antoine was the son of Jean Antoine Belliveau and Jeanne Bourg also of Port Royal. The Belliveaus had 8 children.

Madeleine Terriot lived from about 1683 to the early 1760s. In 1702 she married Francois (dit Niganne) Robichaud who was born in 1677 and died in 1747 in Port Royal. The couple had four sons and five daughters.

Pierre Terriot was Claude and Marie’s fourth son and he lived from about 1684 to 1711 in Port Royal.

Elisabeth Terriot , who lived from about 1685 to 1735, was married to Antoine Blanchard in 1707. Antoine was the son of Guillaume Blanchard and Huguette Gougeon. Ten children were born to this couple.

Joseph Terriot was born in Port Royal about 1687 and died there in 1711.

Marguerite Terriot was born in 1693 in Port Royal and died at the age of 84 in Becancour, Nicolet, Quebec. In 1712 she had married Rene (dit Beaupre) while they were both still living in Port Royal. Rene’s parents were Rene Richard, sieur de Beaupry and Madeleine Landry. I have not researched this couple’s children.

Marie Terriot was born in 1691 in Port Royal, Acadia.


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