Theriault | Genealogical Summary: Generation 3

  • GERMAIN TERRIOT was born in 1662 in Port Royal, Acadie. He married ANNE RICHARD (also of Port Royal) in 1686 at the settlement of Riviere-aux-Canards in Acadia.
  • ANNE RICHARD’s parents were Michel Richard dit Sancoucy and Madeleine Blanchard. Michel Richard had arrived in Acadia about 1652 and had married Madeleine Blanchard about 1656.The couple had nine children besides Marie-Anne herself.
  • GERMAIN TERRIOT died after October 27th, 1730 in Acadie, while ANNE RICHARD died on May 9th, 1745 in Grand Pre. The couple had 13 children.

Our direct ancestor JOSEPH TERRIOT was born between 1695 and 1699 in St-Charles-des-Mines (Acadie) and was dead by the time of the 1761 census. He married MARGUERITE MELANSON (daughter of Jean Melanson and Marguerite Dugas) in St-Charles-des-Mines about 1720. The couple had 13 children all of whom were born in Grand-Pre, Acadia. Joseph and Marguerite were dead by the time of the 1761 census.

Claude Terriot lived from about 1687 to 1730 in Grand-Pre. After marrying Marguerite Cormier about 1710, he and his wife had 11 children. Marguerite’s parents were Francois Cormier and Marguerite Leblanc.

Jean Terriot was born in Les-Mines, Acadie about 1690 and married Madeleine Bourg (of Beaubassin, Acadie) – on Oct 13th ,1712 in Beaubassin. Madeleine was the daughter of Michel dit Michaud Bourg and Elizabeth Melanson. The couple had 11 children between 1713 and 1739. Jean died on December 1st, 1751.

Jacques Terriot and his wife Marguerite Le Blanc were married in St-Charles-des-Mines in 1713. Her parents were Rene Le Blanc and Anne Bourgeois. Jacqeus and Marguerite had five children.

Marie Terriot was born in St-Charles-des-Mines about 693 and died in St-Thomas–de-Montmagny, Quebec in 1763. She had been married in 1712 to Paul Melanson. Paul was the son of Sieur Pierre Melanson and Marguerite Muis D’Entremont.

Anne Terriot was born about 1700 in St-Charles-des-Mines.  She married Rene Jean Leblanc about 1722 in St-Charles-des-Mines. Both she and her husband died on the Miramichi River in 1759. Her husband Rene Le Blanc had been born in 1701 to Antoine Le Blanc and Marie Bourgeois.

Madeleine Terriot was born about 1705 in Acadie. She married Jean-Jacques Leblanc about 1725. He was the son of Jacques Leblanc and Catherine Landry. Madeleine and her husband ended up in Southampton, U.K. and were both dead by 1763.

Marguerite Terriot was born in 1709 in St-Charles-des-Mines and died some time after 1766 in Louisiana, U.S.A. She was married in 1726 in St-Charles-des-Mines to Rene Blanchard, son of Rene Blanchard and Anne Landry.

Germain Terriot was born about 1713 in St-Charles-des-Mines and died in 1737 at the age of 24. At the time of his death he had been married only a few years to Marguerite Boudrot, daughter of Claude Boudrot and Catherine Hebert.

Surname Var.: Theriault, Therriault etc.



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