Theriault | Genealogical Summary: Generation 1

Jehan Terriot and Perrine Rau are the founding couple of a lineage which includes all the North American Theriaults.

Jehan was born about 1600 in Poitou, France. In 1635 (while still in France) he married Perrine Rau – also of Poitou. Perrine was ten years older than Jehan. Both husband and wife died in Acadia in Port Royal, Acadia by 1678.

Jehan and Perrine had seven children. These were Claude (our direct ancestor) and his brothers and sisters: Jean, Bonaventure, Jeanne, Germain, Catherine and Pierre.

* * * * *

Our direct ancestor Claude Terriot was born in 1637 and died in 1725. He married Marie Gautrot in Port Royal in 1661. Marie Gautrot was the daughter of Francois Gautrot (1613-1693) and Edmee Lejeune (1624 – ?). Marie was born about 1645 in Port Royal, Acadia and died there on the 29th of November in 1732. The couple had 14 children.

Jean Terriot was born in Port Royal about 1639 and died before the age of 32. He was married but his wife’s name is unknown.

Bonaventure Terriot was born about 1641 in Port Royal and died on May 3rd, 1731 in Grand Pre, Acadia. He was buried the next day. During his lifetime he was known as “Venture”. His wife was Jeanne Boudrot who was also born in Port Royal (about 1645) and died there on May 8th in 1710. Her parents were Michel Boudrot and Michelle Aucoin (1621-1706). Bonaventure and Jeanne had 4 daughters all born in Port Royal.

Jeanne Terriot was born in 1643 in Port Royal and remained there till her death on December 7th, 1726. She was married to Pierre Thibodeau who was born in Poitou, France about 1631. Pierre died before Jeanne, in 1704 at the age of 73. The couple had nine children.

Germain Terriot was born about 1646 in Port Royal and married Andree Brun who was born in the same year, but in Poitou, France. Her parents were Vincent Brun and Renee Breau. Germain died in Port Royal in 1680, while Andree lived on till July 25th, 1727. Germain and Andree had two sons and a daughter.

Catherine Terriot was the couple’s second daughter. She lived from about 1650 to 1713 in Port Royal. She was married to Pierre Guilbeau in about 1668. They had five daughters and two sons.

Pierre Terriot was Jehan and Perrine’s last child. He was born in 1654 in Port Royal, and died at the age of 71 in Grand Pre, Acadia. He had no children.

Surname var: Tarrio, Terriau, Theriau, Theriot



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