Index: Direct Lineages

Direct Lineage Genealogy Size 112 x 84If you click on a  Direct Lineage post listed below you’ll see a simple series of couples and their dates of marriage beginning with the furthest generation back. Paternal lines are a person’s ancestors through their father, while maternal lines refer to a person’s ancestors through their mother..

In our culture, the family lineage is traced through the paternal surname but I have traced all the maternal lines as well to recognize that each new wife arrives with her own family history, culture and traditions and that these are passed on to the children.

From my father’s lines the Theriault wives brought the following surnames: Richard, Melanson, Girouard, Thibodau, Boudreau and Plourde. My father’s mother was a Leger and the Leger wives contributed the following surnames: Trahan, Amirault, Leblanc, Maillet, Dupuis, Gallant Hache, Babineau.

My mother was a Lagace and the Lagace wives were named Masson, Michel, Thibault, Pelletier, Dube, Levesque, Boudreau, Pitre and Doucet. Her mother was a Luce and the Luce wives had the following surnames: Guilbault, Piquot, LeGros, Sorsoleil, Ward and Desilva.

Theriault/Leger Family lineages

Theriault Descent  (Edouard A. Theriault’s paternal line, origin 1620s)

Leger Descent (Edouard A. Theriault’s maternal line, origin 1680s)

Babineau Descent (Yvonne Leger’s maternal line, origin 1620s)

Lagace/Luce Family lineages

Lagace Descent (Golda Lagace’s paternal line, origin 1620s)

Luce Descent (Golda Lagace’s maternal line, origin 1590s)

Desilva Descent (Eveline Melvina Luce’s maternal line, origin 1750s)


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