Theriault | Genealogical Summary: Generation 4

  • JOSEPH TERRIOT was born between 1695 and 1699 in St-Charles-des-Mines in Grand-Pre and died before the census of 1761.
  • About 1720 he married MARGUERITE MELANSON in St-Charles-des-Mines Acadie. Her parents were Jean Melanson and Marguerite Dugas.
  • During their lifetime, the couple had a total of 13 children – the last generation of our Theriaults to be born and live peacefully in Acadie. The Theriaults were deported in 1750 and both were dead by 1761.


The Terriot/Melanson Children

JOSEPH JEAN TERRIOT was born in Grand Pre on September 4th, 1723 in Grand Pre and died in the winter of 1796/97 in Caraquet. He was married twice. His first wife was Angelique Landry (m. May14th, 1746). Angelique died young but their son Joseph R Theriault became the progenitor of a branch of Maine, U.S.A. Joseph’s second wife was MARIE-JOSEPH GIROUARD (daughter of Germain Girouard and Marie Doucet). Joseph and Marie Joseph are our direct ancestors. They were married on June 2nd, 1754 in Riviere-aux-Canards, Acadia. We descend form this couple through their son Victor Theriault (m. Julie Thibodeau). Joseph and Marie-Joseph had 10 children over a twenty year period.

Rene Terriot married Anne LeBlanc in Grand-Pre on November 13th, Anne’s parents were Rene Le Blanc and Marguerite Thebault. The couple married in St-Charles-des-Mines on November 23rd, 1744 and had two sons.

Marie-Joseph Terriot married Bonaventure LeBlanc about 1750.

Marguerite Terriot married Jacques Hebert on October 25th, 1745 in St-Charles-des-Mines.

Amand Terriot married Rosalie Prunier about 1759 in Kamouraska, Quebec.

Bruno Terriot married Marguerite Thibodeau about 1750 in Kamouraska, Quebec.

Joseph and Marguerite had many other children who either died in childhood, without issue or for which there is no known marriage. They include: Isaac Terriot, Jean-Baptiste Bruno Terriot, Simon TerriotPierre TerriotAnastasie TerriotFrancoise Terriot and Anne Marine.


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