Kissing Cousins!

Christmas 2009 Theriault Lagace grandchildrenChristmas 1994 Theriault Lagace grandchildren

Theriault Lagace Grandchildren

Pierrefonds Christmas 2009 – Chateauguay Christmas 1994


One response to “Kissing Cousins!

  1. Brian Theriault

    my name is Brian, your Californian cousin. I love your website. It is put together nicely . Its fascinating to see things about the family i never new about. I believe your dad was my grandfathers (Melvyn Theriault) brother. I would love it if you can send me more information on the family if possible. My grandfather passed away about 3 years ago and unfortunately i was unable to gather as much family info as i would have liked. I can also email some copies of old family photos. Again thank you for the website.

    -Brian Theriault

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