Theriault Gregoire (Gen.7) & Elisabeth Boudreau (Gen. ), 1827 | Marriage Record


This is the 1827 marriage record of Gregoire Terriau (Theriault) to his second wife Elisabeth (Isabelle) Boudreau.Gregoire and Elisabeth are both from Acadian pioneer families of Caraquet and they are my direct ancestors. Gregoire’s parents were Victor Theriault and Julie Thibodeau and Gregoire and Elisabeth’s son Ubalde Theriault is my great-great-great grandfather.

Elisabeth’s name is mistakenly omitted from the main record, but a notation in the margin lists her name and that of her parents Sylvain Boudreau and Judith Blanchard.  Judith was a daughter of the Caraquet Pioneer couple Olivier Blanchard and Catherine Admirault.

Witnesses at the marriage were Silvain Boudreau, Francois Terriault and Gervais Leger.  The priest was Father de Bellefeuille.


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